River Deben from the air

The River Deben in Suffolk flows through largely unspoilt countryside for nearly 25 miles from its source near Debenham to the North Sea at Felixstowe Ferry.  For about 13 miles, from Bromeswell (just upstream from Woodbridge) to Felixstowe Ferry it becomes a tidal estuary.

The river is a source of enjoyment for many.   Whether people sail, swim, walk the banks or watch the birds, the common factor is this unique river in its beautiful valley.  The RIVER DEBEN ASSOCIATION (RDA) was formed over 20 years ago as a strong local interest group to represent all concerned with the future of the Deben and its environs.  The Association now has over 900 members.

We initiate and support developments that will safeguard the river and its valley, and take steps to resist or ameliorate those that are likely to have a detrimental effect.  Where possible, we seek to reconcile conflicting interests and to be a voice for all river users.  We work in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations at local and national level.

In 2012 we  carried a survey to find out how people use the Deben and what they like, or don’t like, about the river and the area immediately around it.  Click the link river user survey results to see what people said.  The survey helps us to represent the views of people who use and enjoy the river, in our discussions as part of the Deben Estuary Partnership (DEP), and with local authorities and other local and national organisations.  The DEP, of which the RDA is a founding member, expects to publish the Deben Estuary Plan later this year.  

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