Officers and Committee 

The success of the Association has always depended on the hard working volunteers who serve on its Committee. As with any other voluntary organisation, it is not always easy to find those able to give the commitment of time and energy required, so the RDA has been fortunate in always having had sufficient people willing and able to ensure its effectiveness. Without their contribution, our enjoyment of the river would be significantly diminished.The composition of the current committee is listed below. If you might be interested in joining the committee, please get in touch with the Chair.

Click the link to see copies of the minutes of recent Committee meetings


Honary President:                             Robert Simper                           

Chair:                                                  Joeske Van Walsum

Vice-Chair:                                         Sarah Zins

Vice Chair, Conservation –              Jane Haviland
Nature and Water Quality

Treasurer:                                         Kathryn Cooper

Secretary:                                         Caroline Matthews

Marketing:                                        Gary Doggett

Membership Secretary,                  Moray MacPhail
Maritime Woodbridge:

Pauline Bloomfield                            Social Secretary, Young Ambassadors

Liza Hattan                                        Conservation – Water Quality

Matt Lis                                             River Businesses, Ferry, Social Media

Sue Orm                                          Planning

Richard Verrrill                                 Wildlife

Julia Jones                                       Magazine Editor

Alan Comber                                    Website

Contact details for membership secretary: Moray MacPhail, Riverside, Fayrefield Road, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1NX