Officers and Committee 

The officers and committee of the River Deben Association are volunteers who freely give their time because they care about the river. While everyone is involved in all the committee decisions, some members take particular responsibility for areas which interest them or in which they are involved, and these are listed below. We are enormously grateful for the outstanding contributions of our publications editor and website manager.

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President:                                        Robert Simper                           

Co Chairs:                                        Jane Haviland                        Sarah Zins

Vice-Chairs:                                     Vacant

Treasurer:                                        Martin Waller

Secretary:                                        Caroline Matthews

Membership Secretary                  Moray MacPhail

Liza Hattan                                        Conservation

Matt Lis                                              River Businesses / Social Media

Sue Orm                                           Planning


Julia Jones                                        Publications Editor

Alan Comber                                    Website Manager

Contact details for membership secretary: Moray MacPhail, Riverside, Fayrefield Road, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1NX

Contact details for magazine:

Contact details for all other matters: