River Deben Association – Annual General Meeting

Date 24 April 2024

Time 7.00 for 7.30pm

Woodbridge Quay Church, Quay Street, IP12 1BX


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of Last AGM (26 April 2023)
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Treasurer Report for year-ending 31 December 2023
  5. Appointment of Examiner for 2024 Accounts
  6. Election of officers and members of the Committee
    1. Standing for re-election after 4 years on the Committee: None at term limit
    2. Co-opted members standing for election
      1. Anna-Marie Sellon
      2. Tristan McConnell
    3. Re-election on to committee after 4 years:
      1. Liz Hattan
      2. Moray MacPhail
    4. Notice of standing down:
      1. Robert Simper (President)
      2. Jane Haviland (Co-Chair)
  7. Co-Chairs’ Report – see Spring Edition of ‘The Deben’

End of Business

– – – –

Welcome refreshments will be provided.

Following the Annual General Meeting, there will be a panel discussion with questions from the audience on water quality in the river.


In talk hosted by River Deben Association, Lord Deben urges Suffolk voters to hold their politicians to account over climate change

WOODBRIDGE, 27 OCTOBER 2023 — Lord Deben, the former chair of the UK Climate Change Committee, and former Conservative Secretary of State for the Environment and MP for Suffolk Coastal, on Thursday urged voters to hold politicians to account over climate change during a talk in Woodbridge for the River Deben Association (RDA). Continue reading

“Otter Spotting” Project

In autumn 2022 the RDA Committee initiated conversations with the Suffolk Otter Group and Penny Hemphill (independent ecologist) regarding the merits of starting an “otter spotting” project on the River Deben. This was agreed in principle with a view to being able to use the data as an indicator of river health. The RDA invested in 2 specialist wildlife cameras to kick the project off. The funding for one of the cameras was very generously donated by way of legacy from the late Gwen Nelson and for which we are most grateful. The Deben Magazine (Autumn 2023) has a short article about the project so far and we are pleased to share some footage of some of the initial findings. Updates to follow!



Litter Pick – Tue 14 Feb and Sat 25 Feb

What a happy bunch of liitter pickers! We had a tremendous turn out on the 29 January at the Melton Riverside Litter Pick and thank you so much to all of you who came out. We were over 30 in number and had a great couple of hours of clearing the riverside environs.

Please join us for the half term session on 14th February, meeting at Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club at 10.30. Continue reading

RDA Journal Update

Journal articles are usually published around 5pm on the day. Here are the most recent:

The published articles can be found here.

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COP 27 and beyond – A talk about Climate Change by Lord Deben – Dec 8th

“Carbon Capture” reproduced by kind permission of James Ferguson at the Financial Times

COP 27 and beyond.

What can we do to help reach Net Zero?

A talk about Climate Change by Lord Deben

Thursday December 8th 7pm, Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge

(doors open 6 pm)

Change of speaker – Councillor Richard Rout has kindly stepped in at the last moment to give a talk instead of Lord Deben.

Continue reading