About us

The success of the Association has always depended on the hard working volunteers who serve on its Committee. As with any other voluntary organisation, it is not always easy to find those able to give the commitment of time and energy required, so the RDA has been fortunate in always having had sufficient people willing and able to ensure its effectiveness. Without their contribution, our enjoyment of the river would be significantly diminished.

Of course, the Committee cannot work in isolation. The importance of feedback from members, either face-to-face, at General Meetings or increasingly via the Association’s website, can never be underestimated.  See the Membership pages for information about how to join the Association.

A significant development is the twice-yearly Forum, whereby representatives of river-based organisations can highlight and discuss issues of concern, and can be briefed on relevant local and national developments. This will play an essential part in ensuring that the Association’s work is informed by and relevant to real issues affecting river-users, ashore and afloat.

Click the links on the right for more information about the Association. There is also a dedicated bookshelf in Woodbridge library with a complete set of magazines and other information about the RDA.