Local authorities, the media and commercial organisations take notice of strong local interest groups with large, active memberships. Every new membership strengthens the Association’s influence.

There are many benefits to being a member of the River Deben Association:

  • We will post you a copy of our magazine, The Deben, in Spring and Autumn each year, which is full of interest to those who love the river
  • We hold talks for members twice a year on subjects which are relevant to the river
  • The website contains links to numerous river-related organisations
  • We contribute to major consultations, such as the recent Deben Estuary Plan
  • We assess planning applications near the river and puts in objections where it considers they have an adverse effect on the environment
  • We compile a River Code for all those who use the water
  • We are a member of the Saltmarsh Group and are contributing to research into understanding the reasons for the erosion of the saltmarshes (e.g. the effect of shore crabs and ragworms)
  • We hold a forum meeting every other year for the different interest groups to express their thoughts and wishes (e.g. sailing clubs, rowing club, boatyards, fairway committees etc)

Subscriptions are (From 1 April 2020):

    Individual:    £6.00
    Couple   £10.00
    Group/Organisation £15.00



To become a member please complete the membership form below.

The fees are: Individual £6.00 / Couple £10.00 / Group Association £15.00

For ease of administration we would like you to please pay by Standing Order.

Please pay River Deben Association, Lloyds Bank plc, 8 Thoroughfare, Woodbridge,
IP12 1AF, sort code 30-99-85 account no 07128433 the sum of £ * now and annually.

Alternatively you can pay by online banking payment or cheque.

If you pay by standing order or online banking please enter a reference (your full name) below so we can identify you should you have an identical name to someone else.

If you pay by cheque could you please write on the back of the cheque the name you registered with below.

Once you have completed basic registration information below at the end of the form can you please confirm that you have either:

  • Sent a Standing Order Mandate to my/our bank  (Download here – RDA membership form 2020 mandate)
  • Set up an online Standing Order Mandate with my/our bank
  • Made an online banking payment
  • Sent a cheque to the RDA Treasurer. Address: RDA Treasurer, Highfield, Hollesley, Suffolk IP12 3RA.

This will allow us to match payments to registrations submissions.

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Alternatively you can click on the link below for a membership application form, complete and return. NB If you prefer to pay by cheque please enclose it with the form.