The River Deben is a source of enjoyment for many people. Whether they sail, swim, walk the banks or watch the birds, the common factor is this unique river in its beautiful valley.

The RIVER DEBEN ASSOCIATION (RDA) was formed in 1990 as a strong local interest group to represent all concerned with the future of the Deben and its environs. The aim stated in its Constitution is to protect and conserve the character, beauty and environment of the River Deben. Its objectives are:

  • To encourage proposals to safeguard the river and to support appropriate future developments;
  • To resist proposals which could have a detrimental impact on the river and its environs;
  • To endeavour to influence the outcome of disputes / differences of opinion in a way which will maximise the benefits to the river and its environs;
  • To establish and maintain working relationships with local authorities and other regulatory bodies; and
  • To establish contact and foster co-operation with river users and other interested groups.

The Association now has over 800 members and we encourage all those who love the river to join.